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conigo is a personnel-consulting agency operative in the markets of America, Asia and Europe.

We engage executive personnel and companies. In small to mid-sized enterprises as well as in medium-sized corporations.

Our Customers’ View.

“I have been working with conigo since 2010. They are especially dedicated. My conigo partner is available for my concern almost around the clock and fulfills the agreed tasks with emphasis. They have excellent knowledge about our industry and a solid network reaching and joining relevant people. conigo is a profound source for high quality management. I enjoy working with them!”

Klaus Rinnerberger / CEO and board member of a global consortium

Our Customers’ View.

“We have been employing conigo for about six years now. I appreciate the fast way they handle projects as a personnel-consulting agency, their reliability and their commitment. They keep their promises – towards candidates and employers. Every executive searched via conigo has been a success.”

Raimund Gundlach / CEO of global consortiums

Our Customers’ View.

“I am very satisfied with the cooperation with conigo. In four years, conigo has searched six new executives for us. I especially appreciate the personal dedication and the fact that our contact person for a given project always stays the same. Also, they handle tasks exceptionally fast.”

Thomas Biringer / Executive Director Operations and Interim Manager

Our Customers’ View.

“conigo had successfully placed me. The cooperation was confiding and informative. I was always kept well in the loop. conigo captured the content and scope of my future tasks, the company and the crucial points very well for me. I had a good start without any initial difficulties.”

Axel Kluckhuhn / Vice President Global Project Management of a global automotive supplier

Our Precept of Action: Mapping out our Future Course.

  • Our impetus and our goal is our customers’ absolute satisfaction. Their executives must have the edge on the competition.
  • conigo is a reliable partner in all business relations. We are continually developing an active dialogue and cooperation with our customers.
  • We are good listeners and ask specific questions. conigo considers the customers’ and companies’ requirements in their entirety.
  • Our processes are as transparent as they are effective, yet are continually under close scrutiny.
  • conigo will specifically expand more its international network of personal contacts to executives.
  • We are aware of our responsibility when placing executives.

We want to keep growing: With regards to success as well as quality of our consultancy service.

conigo (from Latin coniungere = to connect, to join)